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Evaluate the Tensile Strength of Wood for improved Production

The requirement for improved utilization of wood or wooden products in more verticals has generated the need of an efficient tensile testing program for wood. The tensile strength testing of wood prior it use in production of roofing material, window panes, various domestic furniture, and door borders is very important.

It is a very smart way to detect the capacity of the base wooden material to withstand the strain and stress experienced during production process. In this blog post, we will learn more about the tensile tester, by which the tensile strength of wood can be evaluated to improve production quality. Conducting a quality test at every step of production process not only helps in assuring the product safety but also allows the manufacturers to set the quality standards of the product in an improved manner as per customer requirements.

Presto Stantest provide a wide range and variety of models in tensile testers along with highly-advanced operational software program which helps in evaluating the tensile strength with precision and can accurately detect minute flaws in the tensile property of timber and wood prior it use in the production process.

The instrument is equipped with a huge list of hi-tech features and offer different type of fixtures and grips that can be used in testing process to hold the specimen. Presto’s tensile testing machine is utilized by the timber and wood products manufacturer to calculate the tensile strength of wood raw material. These testing procedures can be performed as per the international testing standards that are authorized by ASTM, ISO, BIS, etc.

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