Evaluate Specific Gravity of Plastic Compounds

Evaluate Specific Gravity of Plastic Compounds

The specific gravity of a plastic compound plays an important role in its sale. Plastic material is sold on the basis of per pound cost. Thus, a low specific gravity is equal to high material mass per pound which means higher the cost. However, the calculation and measurement of specific gravity is a complex lab exercise which requires the involvement of time. Presto brings a new age equipment which can evaluate the specific gravity within a flash of seconds.

Digital Specific Gravity Balance is a highly integrated weighing apparatus which is used to evaluate the Specific gravity of plastic compounds. Highly accurate balance, which displays the specific gravity of material in digital format. The user can be free from getting involved in complex calculations. The equipment is based upon the Archimedes principle for its operation. Specially designed for user-friendly experience in lab calculations.

 While testing it is a must to see that the specimen is not floating on the water surface. This can generate measurement errors. Equipped with a superior level of shock resistance and overload protection facility. The smart technological device ensures test safety by providing a lock switch for the software program. The user can lock down the Digital Specific Gravity Balance when not in use. No one can disturb the readings in your absence. Special transportation lock installed for travelling safety. Also comes with a footrest adjustable to the user along with a level indicator for accurate evaluation of Specific gravity of plastic.

To initiate the test, fill the tumbler with DM water and place it on the flat based test area. Tie the plastic specimen to the hook and hang it in a way that the specimen does sink in the water properly. Now the specific gravity is automatically calculated and displayed on the screen. For higher accuracy, one can repeat the test.

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