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Conducting Moisture Analysis in Flour

Moisture content analysis is a vital quality controls step in wheat or flour manufacturing unit. The test data retrieved from this particular test is further used in other essential testing process. Prior the milling process, flour millers set a standard moisture level in wheat. The moisture content of wheat or flour impacts the results of other test processes. Thus it is said that the Moisture content up to a level of 14% is considered to be fine. It is also considered that moisture content over 14% attracts the growth of mold, bacteria, and various insects. This can damage the flour quality during storage. Hence, testing the moisture content in flour suing highly proficient test equipment is necessary.

Moisture Analyser is a hi-tech produce of Presto Stantest for conducting Moisture analysis in flour. It is also suitable for evaluating moisture content of paper, corrugated fibreboard, powdered material such as cement, spices etc. Uses the principle of thermogravimetric analysis. Advanced software based program with accurate digital read read-out. Ergonomic designs and operating controls. Specially designed for user comfort.

Huge LCD screen for clear vision of test data. Built in library installed with around 50 testing data recording capacity. In-house RS 232 communication interface for improved data transfer. Equipped with high grade halogen drying technology for precise test process. Comes with easy data storage and data retrieving facility. To set the Moisture Analyser working functionality as per the company standard, one can use the inbuilt calibration feature. Operator can easily set the test parameters for a specified process.

Program selection are available in a wide range of languages. Equipped with three styled drying programs including Fast, Ramp, and Step. User can obtain highly define statistical data after test. Considered best for conducting Moisture analysis in flour by leading wheat brands. Get a detail outlook of Moisture test process with our article on – Guide to Accurate Moisture Analysis

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