Actual Life Of Medical Tools & Products-Accelerated Ageing Oven

Estimate The Actual Life Of Medical Tools & Products With Accelerated Ageing Oven

Medical products are used on a large scale in hospitals, laboratories, clinics, etc. to fulfill the requirements of operations and other treatments. But the main problem that a manufacturer in Bio-medical industries

faces is the problem of calculating the shelf life of the medical product and the effect on ageing on the products as these products are sometimes stored for long period of time. Hence, the manufacturers in bio-medical industries need to test the actual life of the product by testing the effect on ageing in these products. This can be done easily in the laboratories by measuring the effect of ageing on the medical products by keeping the product in certain weathering conditions to determine the effect on various properties of the products.

Solution to determine the life of Medical Products

This can be done easily with the help of Accelerated Ageing Oven. It is the best testing device which is used to create best storage conditions to store the medical products for a longer period of time. In such a manner, this can easily measure the effects of ageing on the given product within a short span of time.

Presto Stantest manufactures and supplies a high quality of accelerated ageing oven to the manufacturers of medical products and in testing laboratories. The testing device can be operated easily with the help of digital panel which is provided in the machine.