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Ensure Clarity Of Quality In Your Products

Photoelasticity is a phenomenon that has a great effect on the quality on various materials such as glass, gems and PET containers. Photoelasticity refers to change in the refractive index of the materials used for manufacturing a product which results due to non-uniform stress distribution in the products. The non-uniform distribution of stress in PET bottles can be a major cause of quality defects and lowering of their strengths. As Pet containers are used for packaging of food items and drinks, it is important that the bottles and containers are of proper strength so that they could provide better safety to the products.

In order to eliminate the effects of photoelasticity, it is important to test the PET containers. A testing instrument called Polariscope is used for testing of PET containers for any sort of stress distribution defects or photoelasticty. With Polariscope, the manufacturers of PET containers can easily ensure that the quality of the bottles is up to the mark and is able to be used for the packaging purpose.

Presto is one of the leading manufacturers of Polariscope in India offering highly precise and accurate testing instrument. The instruments offered by presto are in full compliance with the international standards and can be applied to international industries. The equipment comes with a complete user manual and a conformance certificate that can be easily traced to any lab certified by NABL.

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