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Hot Wire Bottle Cutters For Best Section Weight Analysis

PET bottles have been used for packaging of a variety of products such as food items, carbonated beverages and drinks. Additionally, the Pet bottles are also used for packaging of chemicals and other hazardous materials as the PET is non-reactive to these materials. Since the Introduction of PET bottles,

the way these industries have been packaging their product has changed to a great extent. In the past the glass bottles were the major packaging products for packaging of these products.

This has also compelled the manufacturers of PET containers to make sure that the PET products produced by them need to be of best quality. If the quality of these products is not up to the mark, this can be very big issue. The manufacturers need to give great emphasis on the quality testing of the products with proper quality testing of the products. One such testing procedure is the section weight analysis. The section weight analysis is done to analyze that the every section of bottles has equal weight.

The hot wire bottles cutter is an ideal instrument that is used for cutting different sections of the bottles without any deformation for accurate section weight analysis. Presto offers high precise and efficient hot ware bottle cutters that are best for usage in PET industry for Section weight analysis.

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