Difference in Profile Projector & Image Measuring Instrument

Difference in Profile Projector & Image Measuring Instrument

Profile Projector is a testing instrument which is widely in use for PET & preform analysis. It is a vital testing equipment in quality assurance departments, and in various testing laboratories. It magnifies the profile of the sample and displays the image on the wide projection screen. The magnified picture on the screen provides a better analysis on the size and dimensions of a preform sample by detecting an edge or point on the PET Bottles’ shadow image. Whereas image measuring instrument obtains digital images via a charged-coupled device (CCD-type of the image sensor), using computer software operation, in order to meet the complex requirements of measuring precision instruments. Although the image measuring equipment’s development is based on the profile projector machine or optical comparator, there is a significant difference between the two which will be explained in this blog section.

Manufacturers and lab operators often get confused between these two optical measuring instruments and face difficulty in opting for the right equipment. To start with, it is stated that they both are utilized to calculate the angle, diameter, radius, the distance between the point of the line, two round eccentric, two-spacing and etc. But due to their particular difference, it is preferred in distinct industries.

Image Measuring Instrument

It is used to compute the size of a product, or to calculate the measured elements’ geometric tolerance, like position, concentricity, straightness, contour, roundness etc. The machine is appropriate for two-coordinate calculation and is widely preferred in machinery, electronics, instrumentation and similar industries. The instrument is equipped with a continuous zoom lens from 20X to 120X along with LED light for its functioning system.

Profile Projector

The instrument is primarily used for computing the dimensions of the specimen. It captures the image of the component and then magnifies it to many folds. The magnified images are then projected to the operator from where the dimensions required are digitally recorded and displayed. It can magnify every minute details of the component to offer you a clear picture of the product and save you from forwarding the errors to the production line.

Presto, the leading manufacturer of testing instruments offers a high-quality optical comparator which is suitable for quality control and measuring a broad range of weights and size of the PET Bottles and Preforms.  It is a cost-effective solution which is used for digital linear and for angular measurement. The instrument is also equipped with built-in advanced features.