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Detect The Defects In Preform Before They Are Blown

PET products have been used in a variety of industries for a variety of applications. Mainly they are used for packaging of a variety of products ranging from pharmaceuticals, food products, chemicals and so forth.

The safety of these products depends on the quality of the PET bottles used for packaging of these products. The basis of any PET products is the preform used for manufacturing it. If the quality of the Preform is not best, it can lead to diminished quality of products. The Manufacturers need to test the quality of preform with proper use of quality testing instruments so that the preform defects could be detected in the initial stage of blow molding and further rejection and wastage of time as well as resources.

A major testing instrument that is used in PET and Preform industries to check the quality defects of the preforms is the Polariscope, strain viewer. The instrument is used for viewing the strain distribution in a Preform under a polarized light. This gives an idea of the defects present in a PET preform. Along with this instrument, Preform defect chart is also used for assessment of the quality of the Preforms.

Presto is a premium Polariscope strain viewer manufacturer that has been providing highly accurate and effective Polariscope to industries. The instrument offered by Presto is highly effective in detecting the defects in the PET preforms.

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