Polariscope – To View Strains or Defects in Preforms

Polariscope – To View Strains or Defects in Preforms

Use of PET Products

PET products are highly efficient and preferred products for different uses in different industries. The PET products include containers, packaging bottles, and packaging Jars. These products are obtained by blowing the preforms through the stretch-blowing process. The preforms are the main base or raw materials that are converted into crystal clear PET bottles that are further used for packaging of different products. The manufacturers require the best quality of PET bottles and it is necessary to put great emphasis on the quality assurance of PET bottles.

How to Assure the Quality of PET Products?


For best quality assurance of PET bottles, the manufacturers need first to ensure that they use the best quality of Preforms for blowing of the bottles. The manufacturers need to use the best PET preforms quality control methods to keep the quality defects under control.

How to Detect Defects in Preforms?


There is a wide assortment of defects that are found in preforms which lead to rejection of the PET bottles. These defects include strain induced crystallization defects, water and flash marks, air bubbles and so forth. These quality defects in preforms can easily be detected with the help of a testing equipment called Polariscope strain viewer. The instrument is equipped with two sources of lights i.e. Polarized light and Sodium light. The highly polarized light is used for studying the defects in preforms and ensures the best quality of preforms to be used for the blowing process.

Presto’s Polariscope – For Preform Defect Measurement

Presto is a leading manufacturer and supplier of testing machines that offers highly advanced and efficient Polariscope strain viewer which is very helpful for the manufacturers to ensure that they provide only best quality of PET bottles to their clients and customers.


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