Plastic Pouches To Ensure The Best Strength Of Packaging

Various Test Conducted On Plastic Pouches To Ensure The Best Strength Of Packaging Of Food Products

The packaging of food products is an important aspect that affects the quality of the products to a great extent. The materials that are used for packaging of the food products include plastic films, paper packages, and many others. The plastic pouches are also used widely for packaging of food products as they are convenient to use and have a high strength that ensures the best safety of the products. As the manufacturers and food processors want that their products stay fresh and unadulterated from the external effects, hence they want to use only the best option when it comes to the packaging of their products.  To ensure that the plastic pouches are of best quality, there are several tests that must be conducted on them which ensure that the pouches are best for use as packaging for the products. These tests need to be conducted with the help of advanced testing instruments such as laboratory heat sealer and many others. Here are some of the testing procedures that must be conducted on the plastic pouches to ensure the best quality of packaging.

Vacuum leak test

The leakage in the plastic pouches is a major problem that needs to be addressed seriously as if there is leakage in the pouches then it not only compromises the freshness of the food products but it also creates the chances for the adulteration of the products. The leakage in the plastic pouches needs to be tested with the help of the vacuum leak tester that uses a high-pressure vacuum to perform the leakage testing on the products. With the help of this testing method, the manufacturers can rest assured that the pouches they are using for their products are free from any pinholes or leakages.

Heat sealing test

The heat sealing test includes testing the strength of the sealing of the pouches that is done with the help of heat and pressure. For this test, the pouch is sealed with the help of a laboratory heat sealer. Once the pouch is sealed effectively, then the seal is tested from its strength using a seal strength tester which gives an idea of how the sealed pouch will behave when it is subjected to extreme strength. This test also helps in ensuring that the product will remain safe and fresh in the packages.

Air full bulge test

The air is filled in the plastic pouches for providing a cushioning effect to the pouches so that the product is not crushed during the transportation. This filling of the air in the pouches increases the size of the pouches to a significant level. The manufacturers need to measure this increase in the volume in the pouches so that they could predict the space needed by them for safe transportation. This can be done with the help of an air fill bulge tester.

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