Sealing Food Products With A Heat Sealer Machine

Sealing Food Products With A Heat Sealer Machine

Vacuum Packing removes air from the packets before sealing. This involves placing items in a plastic film package and removing air from inside. Sealer machine is a device used to seal bags and food packets. For most of the products, the effect of packaging and product safety is important for success.  There are many sealing quality issues like contamination of product in the sealing area, especially liquid product and loose particles. Preserving food for a longer time means less food spoilage and low wastage of food. Vacuum sealing adds protection layer from external sources and prevents from dehydration. Sealing of food items also helps in maintaining the texture, flavour and moisture of the food inside. It ensures protection from harmful bacteria and moulds that develop on the food.

Heat sealer mend two sides of the film together to form an air tight seal. They use heat to melt the materials to form a seal. They can be used to seal paper bags, plastic materials, foils etc. In heat sealing method, the sample is bonded with heat and pressure given at once by a press that is heated. The temperature required to seal the packets should be predetermined otherwise it could char the sample. The daily items like peas, peppers and various other items are sealed for longer usage and freshness.

To check the heat seal strength of the packaging materials, the sample is placed between the clamps having static and dynamic jaws. The temperature is set prior to testing, the pressure is applied to seal the testing sample.  The instrument measures the heat seal performance of films, plastic films etc. The temperature can be seen in a digital display unit. The upper and lower jaws of the machine are heated separately having sensors and controllers.


The Heat sealer machine has a range of up to 350°C having an accuracy of ±1°C. The least count is 0.1°C. The sealing size is 150*15 mm or 300*15 mm. The dwell time is 0.1-99.9 sec with 4 digits digital temperature controller. Heat sensor has pt-100, platinum resistance detector and the sealing pressure is a 2-6 bar. It complies with ASTM F 2029 standards.