Conduct melt flow test on materials with Presto Melt Flow Index Tester-Junior

Conduct melt flow test on materials with Presto Melt Flow Index Tester-Junior

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The melt flow rate of polymers is a critical parameter that directly affects the processing and end-use properties of plastic products. It refers to the rate at which molten polymer flows through a specific orifice under controlled temperature and pressure conditions. Accurately measuring the melt flow rate of polymers is one of the important parts of quality control. Thus, we at Presto have designed a high-quality polymer testing instrument known as the melt flow index tester-junior model.

This is one of the high-quality lab testing instruments that will accurately test the flow properties of the materials that makes it easy for the manufacturers to conduct MFI tests on the materials. In this blog, we will discuss a brief about the Presto melt flow index tester junior model and how this quality testing instrument is useful in testing the melt flow rate of polymers.

Test MFR of polymers with all-new Presto melt flow index tester junior

Accurately measuring the melt flow rate of polymers is one of the important steps of quality control. A high MFR indicates low viscosity, making it easier to process and mould the polymer. Conversely, a low MFR suggests higher viscosity and reduced processability. Thus, you can easily test the melt flow rate of polymers with our high-quality melt flow index tester.

Our melt flow testing equipment is designed for accurately measuring the melt flow properties of plastic materials. This tester is equipped with various features that enhance its functionality and ease of use.

You can easily measure the melt flow rate of polymers with the melt flow index junior. This ASTM D 1238 melt flow tester will accurately measure the melt flow index of the materials and identifies different properties of the materials.

To enhance accuracy and repeatability further, the tester features a digital preset timer. This allows users to set specific time intervals for testing, ensuring consistent testing durations for reliable results.

The Presto Melt Flow Index Tester Junior incorporates a die steel barrel, which provides uniform and consistent heating of the barrel and test cylinder. This promotes reliable and accurate measurement of melt flow properties.

The tester is designed with a separate button for enabling and disabling the heater. This feature offers convenience and control, allowing users to quickly start or stop the heating process as needed.

The wide mirror platform provided by the tester offers easy monitoring of the melt flow. This ensures that users can closely observe the material's behavior during the testing process, facilitating better analysis and understanding of the results.

You can easily ensure the melting rate of polymers with a Presto MFI tester.

Below we have listed the features and technical specifications of this quality testing instrument.

Features of Presto melt flow index tester junior

The melt flow rate is an essential property of the material that one should consider to ensure accuracy in testing results. The features of the Presto melt flow index tester junior are listed below.

  • Automatic sample cutting

  • Microprocessor-based PID controller

  • Digital Preset Timer for accuracy and repeatability

  • Die Steel barrel for uniform and consistent heating of barrel/test cylinder.

  • Heater enable and disable separate button

  • Wide mirror platform easy to monitor the flow.

  • Compact and stable structure

Technical specifications of Presto melt flow index tester junior

  • Temperature Range: Ambient to 350 ºC

  • Display: Digital 7 Segment

  • Accuracy: ± 1ºC

  • Least Count/Resolution:  0.1ºC

  • Power: 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz

  • Sample Cutting:  Automatic Motorized

  • Temperature Control: PID Temperature Controller

  • Timer: Digital Preset up to 999 seconds

  • Inner Diameter of the heating barrel (cylinder): 9.550mm ± 0.007mm

  • Inner Diameter of Die: 2.095mm ± 0.005mm

  • Diameter of piston head: 9.474mm ± 0.007mm

  • Material of Heating Barrel(Cylinder): Die Steel

  • Sample Cutting Motor: 2 Torque 7Kg/cm, 60RPM

With these high-end features and technical specifications, one can accurately test the melt flow properties of the materials.

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