Physical Qualities of Your Polymers With Melt Flow Index Testers

Determine The Physical Qualities Of Your Polymers With Melt Flow Index Testers

In polymer industry, there are many different properties of polymer that need to be determined so that the best quality of the product could be produced. The physical and chemical properties of a polymer have a great impact on its strength, durability and resistance to various environmental effects.

A major factor that is important to know is the Melt flow index of a polymer. MFI is the rate of flow of a polymer in its molten state. It is a direct indicator of its viscosity, molecular weight and structure. The molecular weight of a polymer is inversely proportional to its MFI. A polymer with a lower MFI has a complex molecular structure and a polymer with a higher MFI has a simple molecular structure. The testing instrument that is used for determination of MFI of a polymer is a Melt flow index Tester.


Presto offers a range of high-quality melt flow index testing apparatus that complies with all the technical standards set by ASTM D1238-1992, IS 2267-1972 and IS 2530 – 1963. There are two models of MFI testers available from Presto namely Deluxe Model and Next Generation Model. The equipments are available with a variety of applicable loads that are 1.2 kg, 2.16kg, 3.8 kg, 5kg and 10 kg. The range of temperature that can be attained from the equipment ranges from ambient to 4000C and has a temperature resolution of 0.10c. The MFI tester offered by presto are provided with a digital pre-settable timer. The instruments come with a rust free finish and are available in autumn gray and blue color.