Conduct Highly Accurate Tensile Tests on Materials with Tensile Strength Testing Machine

Conduct Highly Accurate Tensile Tests on Materials with Tensile Strength Testing Machine

Tensile Strength Testing Machine

Tensile strength testing is an important aspect of quality assurance by evaluating the maximum load a material can withstand without any breakage. This test is conducted worldwide to ensure that customers receive the right products. By testing the stress tolerance ability of the products, manufacturers will be able to send high-quality materials to the customers. 

Presto is one of the top manufacturers of lab equipment. Presto is a leading tensile strength tester supplier too. Presto delivers a high-featured tensile strength testing machine that ensures the accuracy in the products. 

Walkthrough Tensile Strength Testing Machine and its Significance

It is a widely used test and a major aspect of the quality control. There are many parameters evaluated to deliver the finished products to the end customers. Testing the tensile forces of the materials is one of them. It ensures that products do not get deformed in transit or storage process. 

Industries such as aerospace, automotive, and construction use this test. By accurately gauging the tensile strength of the products, manufacturers can ensure that the products can be used for various applications. The accuracy of the tests can be achieved when the equipment is standardized and Presto delivers the standardized equipment only. You can read more on the applications of tensile strength tester.

The equipment of the Presto ensures that precise results are obtained and there are no fluctuations recorded while performing multiple tests on the products. Presto tensile strength testing machine has both upper and lower jaws that help in carrying out the test efficiently.

Deliver the Right Products with the Tensile Strength Testing Machine

The tensile test can be conducted on several materials such as plastics, composites, and metals. The tensile strength of the materials can be evaluated by applying force to the materials till they get deformed.  The results are used to identify the properties of the materials such as yield strength, durability, and elongation properties. You can read more on the importance of tensile strength test

A tensile strength testing machine is used to perform the tensile test and it ensures that high-quality products are delivered to the customers. Presto being a leading tensile testing machine manufacturer offers high-end features for tensile test machines. The tensile strength tester prices are affordable at Presto and within the reach of the customers. Moreover, the after-sales services provided by Presto are of the next level. Highly skilled operators at Presto ensure that the right training and demonstration is provided to the customers.

By checking the tensile forces of the materials, manufacturers ensure that good quality products are received by the customers. It helps manufacturers to attain a good customer base which in return increases the revenue for the manufacturers as well. 

Top Features of the Tensile Strength Testing Machine 

Presto tensile strength testing machine comes with highly advanced features that ensure the accuracy of the results and help in delivering the top-notch products to the customers and they will be in good state. 

It has an advanced load sensor, comes with a single-column rugged structure, a bright LED display, feather touch controls, peak hold facility. It has a highly accurate microcontroller and safety limit switches as well. 

Conduct Standardized Tensile Tests to Achieve Accurate Results

Conducting standardized tensile tests on the materials will help the customers in getting accurate and repeatable results. Multiple labs perform different types of tests that create fluctuations in the results and make the test not repeatable and accurate. So, it is essential to conduct standardized tests so that there are no chances of human error and correct information is obtained.

A set procedure should be in place so that every manufacturer carries out the test in a standardized manner and precise results are attained. When the tests are standardized, and still any error occurs in the process then it would be easy to correct the error. Tensile strength tester machine plays an important role in measuring the tensile strength of the materials.

How to Prepare a Specimen for its Proper Placement in the Equipment

It is essential to prepare a specimen properly to avoid any fluctuations in the results. The steps for accurate preparation of the specimen are:

  • Take the strip of 25 mm and mark the strip.

  • The marking of the machine should be done in a way that the distance between the grips of the equipment equals gauge length after the placement of the specimen.

  • There can be variations in the distance as test standards differ.

  • Clamp the specimen from both ends and ensure that equal force is applied on both ends.

By following these steps, you can easily prepare the specimen and Check the deformation of tensile products with the help of this quality testing equipment. 

How to Place a Specimen Accurately?

The placement of the specimen should be accurate to record the non-variable results. The steps to follow for accurate placement of the specimen are:

  • Put the lower side of the specimen between the lower grips and the grips should be tightened firmly.

  • Secondly, bring the upper grip upwards and it will ensure that the specimen can reach the grips with ease. 

  • The lower limit switch ring is placed in a way that maintains a distance of 25 mm.

  • The specimen should be placed accurately in the center of the grips.


In this blog, we have discussed the Presto tensile strength testing machine in detail. It is used to assess the tensile forces of the materials so that they do not get deformed while they are in transit or storage process. The high tensile strength of the materials ensures that the right products are received by the customers.

Presto manufactures a top-quality tensile strength testing machine that ensures the accurate testing of the materials in the equipment. Buy tensile test machines at reasonable prices from Presto. Presto believes in offering the right quality products and exceptional customer services as well. Prompt resolution of the queries is done by the operators from Presto. In case, manufacturers come across any technical issue, then service engineers of the Presto only come to visit the manufacturers. Secondly, those service engineers are local so customers do not face any language barrier. Customers can dial +91-9210903903 or send an E-mail to to gain a deeper knowledge of the products. The technical team from the Presto will step out to help you.