Check Deformation of Tensile Products with Tensile Testing Machine

Check Deformation of Tensile Products with Tensile Testing Machine

The tensile strength of a material is important to measure because of its ability to bear tensile loads. Ductility evaluates whether the material deforms under tensile stress. Tensile testing ensures a safe and high quality material and liabilities related to providing non-compliant products. It checks the effectiveness and behaviour of a material after a stretching force is applied. The test is performed under a fixed temperature and pressure conditions. By evaluating the force needed to elongate a sample to its breaking point. The material properties are determined which permits designers and quality managers to forecast the behaviour of materials and products in the intended applications.

Tensile testing machines are configured to measure the tensile strength of samples. The tensile tester measures characteristics like yield strength, tensile strength, and elongation. The tensile test machines are configured as per the needs of engineers with grips and accessories. The digital model helps in enhancing the quality of products to a very great extent.

The universal tensile tester is equipped to conduct other applications like peel, tear, shear, compression etc. by adding fixtures. With a variety of fixtures, it is easy to perform tensile testing on various forms of materials. It is important to select correct tension tester to determine the sample size, strength characteristics and geometry. Using this information the engineer can detect the test machine capacity required to pull the sample apart. It is mainly used for metal, composite materials, and product of tensile, compression, bending and shear methods.


Tensile testing equipment is used to check properties of tensile and elongation as per ASTM standards. The equipment has additional built-in programs for a bond, peel, cyclic endurance which is based on load, counts and extension with automatic stop and reverse facility.

Tensile strength tester is specially designed with gripper jaws to hold breakable samples. Features include another capacity available chart as per need and Wintest one way communication software. Availability of Graph of force vs elongation with easy data management. User can generate product identification, sample ID, the shape of the sample, company name, operator detail etc. The facility of auto cut is also available. An immediate analysis can be conducted after the test is completed with accuracy and precision. The load cell can be calibrated by NPL approved proving ring. Hardened lead screws for frictionless movement and cross head travel the length of 750 mm grip to grip.