Applications of Tensile Test

Applications of Tensile Test

Tensile Testing is a most significant and popular test procedure which is performed in different production verticals to measure the elongation strength and durability of the products even in harsh working conditions. The test method provides the complete detail about the behaviour of the material when a material is subjected to tensile forces. The test is performed to measure the point at which the sample fails when an extensive amount of tensile force is applied to the sample. This helps the engineers to determine the factor of safety of the materials. Using the test procedure, the engineers can measure the maximum force a material can tolerate to its maximum before it ruptures and helps to decide the suitability of the material for a particular application.

How to Perform the Tensile Test?

The tensile test is performed using a high-quality testing machine known as Tensile Testing Machine. During the testing procedure, the test sample is placed between the two clamps to clamp the sample firmly. Once the sample is placed in its right place by maintaining the centre of the grips, the jaws are pulled apart in the opposite direction to create tension on the sample. The tension is applied to the sample until the sample ruptures. The point at which the sample gets ruptured immediately recorded in the machine which signifies the maximum force that a sample can bear to its maximum.

Applications of Tension Test

The tension test or tensile test is widely used to assess the quality of the materials that are manufactured in different industries. This test is directly related to the safety of the products. The test is essential to perform to measure the quality of the materials under extreme tension forces during usage. Here are some of the uses of tension test.

Rubber Products

The elasticity of the rubbers can be determined when the material is stretched from both the ends in the opposite direction to create extreme tension force. This helps to measure the force that rubbers can bear to its maximum without experiencing any type of deformation or failure. The tension test helps to measure the elastic modulus of the products or materials for various applications.

Metal Products

Metals are widely known for tits hardness and elasticity properties. To determine how much the metal is elastic, a considerable amount of tension is applied to the materials. This can be determined using tension test.  The tension test helps to determine the strength of various metal products such as metal cables, construction angles, girders and other metal products that are used in different industries.

To analyze the strength of different materials, it is important for the manufacturer to make use of the high-quality tensile testing machine.

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