Coating Thickness Measurement Gauge

Coating Thickness Measurement Gauge

Coating Thickness Measurement Gauge

A coating thickness gauge is an essential quality assurance tool in the metal industry. It is used when applying zinc coating, anodizing and galvanizing to metallic surfaces. The coating thickness gauge is used for material testing, manufacturing quality control, and automotive paint inspection. A coating thickness gauge has great significance as it is used to measure body paint thickness and uniformity on pre-owned cars that reveal spots that are repainted to identify the hidden damages. Moreover, certain types of thickness gauges can determine the hardness of metal, plastics, and glasses while measuring the wall thickness.

To check the dry film thickness of the non-magnetic organic coating on Ferrous substrates, this test is the best. Presto’s brings the best lab testing instruments that are accurate in results and affordable prices. The company gives you valid reasons to choose quality testing instruments from a variety of coating thickness gauges.

Quality Coating Thickness Gauge in India by Presto

Presto’s coating thickness gauge is used in paints and dry coating, as it efficiently measures the dry film thickness. It is the perfect instrument to use measure dry coating which is crucial in terms of the process, cost, and quality. Moreover, the performance of the test can be estimated in different working environments. It can be used for on-site inspection tests as it is non-destructive.

The Coating Thickness Gauge by Presto is an ideal instrument to measure the coating thickness on metallic surfaces. It follows Eddy's current principle which is the magnetic method to determine the wall thickness. Therefore, it can only be used to measure non-ferrous coating like steel.

Why Presto?

While choosing a coating thickness gauge, it is important to check the accuracy of the device concerning the test materials. The results obtained on testing may get varied by the precision of the instruments and the skill of the operator. The coating thickness gauge by Presto is designed according to the testing standards with utmost precision. Presto is one of the leading coating thickness gauge manufacturers in India with reliable services in testing instruments.

Listed below are the points to choose Presto.

  • Presto Stantest is serving many industries with quality assured testing instruments for more than 30 years and gaining reliability among them.
  • The company complies with global standards like ISO and ASTM, etc. that assure quality calibrations.
  • With the support of experts and the research team, the company efficiently brings innovative and precise testing tools for various industries.
  • All the testing machines are available with quick delivery support at the PAN India level.

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