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Importance of Measuring Coating Thickness

The thickness of coating plays a vital role in maintaining the quality of production, controlling the production process and managing the cost expenses, and it can be calculated precisely with an effective testing device. It is very important for every coating operation unit to understand the device well which is given for evaluating the thickness and its operation.


In this blog post, we will learn about the importance of coating thickness gauge and its function in the Quality assurance of coatings. There is also a destructive method present that is to cut the coated part or product in a cross section method and calculate the thickness of the film separately by observing the cut under the microscope. Another method which is called a cross-section method utilizes a scaling microscope to observe the geometrical incision through the coating of dry-film.

A special type of cutting tool is utilized to build a small sized, accurate V-groove throughout the coating layer and inside the substrate part. There are many gauges that are present with entire cutting tips and an illuminated scaling magnifier part. The principal method of the destructive method is very easy to learn, but there are many instances or space for measuring errors. Moreover, they are old and outdated along with being destructive in nature bringing material loss.

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