Product coatings economical and safe-coating thickness gauges

Make Your Product Coatings More Economical And Safe With Coating Thickness Gauges

Measuring coating thickness is one of the primary requirements for industries where there is an extensive use of electroplating, Chrome plating, zinc plating, paints, rubber coating, etc. the thickness of the coating gives a lot of knowledge about the quality of the coating and its effect on the product on which it is applied.

By exact measurement of the coating, it is possible to determine the durability and protective attributes of the coating. If the coating is very thin, it will not serve the purpose for which it was applied, and if the coating is very thick, it will increase the overall cost of manufacturing the end product. Hence, it is important to measure the exact thickness of the coatings applied to a particular substrate.

There are two ways of finding the thickness of a coating that are a destructive method and Non-destructive method. In the destructive process, the substrate it cut to cross-section and then the coating film and the substrate are put under microscopic vision which gives the exact measurement of the thickness. The problem with this method is that it destroys the test sample which is not fit for further use.

The other method is they Non-destructive methods which involve the use of highly precise and accurate devices having magnetic probes which are used for measuring the thickness. Presto offers a wide range of compact and precise coating thickness measurement devices that provide you highly accurate and stable results and can be used on a variety of products. The testing instruments offered by Presto include   MikroTest® Magnetic Coating Thickness Measurement Gauge, MiniTest 70 Pocket Sized Coating Thickness Gauge, Mini Test 650 – Durability and High Precision.

The devices offered by presto are highly accurate and provide you high repeatability of results without much effort. For more information on Paint & Plating Testing Instruments, contact our experts.