Measure Coating Thickness of Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Substrate

Measure Coating Thickness of Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Substrate

Coating thickness plays a vital role in product quality, process control and cost reduction. It provides improved appearance, prevention from corrosion, weather resistance, thermal protection, extended service life, enhanced performance and reduced breakdowns. However, a good quality coating must exhibit all the required properties in order to provide maximum benefit to the product.

Coating thickness is an important and primary segment of quality check. It is vital that the coating should be uniform or as per the requirement so that it can perform well. The thickness can be measured using the advanced mode non-destructive mechanism.

Coating thickness Gauge Ferrous & Non-Ferrous supports NDT method and is a user-friendly device. It is designed for measuring the thickness of a non-conductive coating such as paint, enamel, polymer etc. on both magnetic (iron) and non-magnetic substrate (Aluminum, copper, zinc, tin, etc.). It works on the principle of Eddy Current Method, which uses electromagnetic induction to inspect surface flaws in materials.

The digital display offers an auto-hold reading facility. User can easily read and save the test results for future use. Flexible lead Measuring Probes are a part of the kit. Set of 5 Calibration Foils and Zero Disks are also delivered. It can measure up to 1250 Microns thickness.  The user needs to start the device, using the power button and calibrate it as per the test requirement. Post calibration, the probe must be placed on different segments of a coating layer, to observe if the thickness is as per the standards or not.

The Coating thickness Gauge Ferrous & Non-Ferrous is constructed as per various national and international test standards. The body is coated with corrosion- resistant paint for long-run performance. The probe wire is covered using high-quality polymer to deliver the maximum level of protection from harsh weathering conditions. It is portable in nature and can be taken anywhere in the manufacturing plant. Suitable for distinct changes or location.