Calculate Thickness of Plastic Water Bottle

Calculate Thickness of Plastic Water Bottle

Plastic Water Bottle

Plastic Water bottles are used by packaging industry in large scale. They exhibit huge number of properties that is useful for the application they are made for. One such quality is the wall thickness. Thickness of plastic water bottle is being inspected under quality control requirements. Many industries specify restricted thickness number for a particular section of the bottle body. Non- destructive gauge like Magna Mike 8600 is a good source of help in evaluation precise wall thickness.

The Wall Thickness Gauge is a steady device that utilizes magnetic field strategy to make repeatable and dependable estimations on nonferrous materials. The instrument is used for Plastic and Glass bottles, Packaging, Automotive tear creases, Aerospace and different applications. Estimation is done using the principle of Hall Effect sensor. Advanced Display readout (LCD). Repeatability in test estimations can be conducted.

Estimations through Target Ball or wire or Disk utilizing Magnetic field. Expandable Thickness extend up to 25.4mm. Replaceable Wear Caps – Standard and Chisel. Extended target determination – ¼ in. Ferrous Target balls or Wire target. Bigger Color VGA display screen. Quick estimation rate of 60Hz. Programmable Instrument with timer setting. RS-232/USB/VGA Communication Modes is available for test report extraction. Guide Interface to Excel spreadsheet. WINXL interface program installed.

Produce on board reports. Composed with IP67 rating material. Suitable case with enhanced check stand. Low and high perusing Alarm. Capacity to send out document to MicroSD card in .txt and CSV form. Inbuilt Calibration Facility given. To initiate the test process, the target ball is placed inside the bottle. Place the probe at the exterior surface and touch the target ball. The generated magnetic field will extract the precise distance between the ball and the probe which is your thickness.