Bottle Wall Thickness Measurement in Pharmaceutical Industries

Bottle Wall Thickness Measurement in Pharmaceutical Industries

Packaging plays a significant role to enhance the appearance and quality of the products. Packaging helps to present the product beautifully in the market and ensures the safety of the products during the transportation, storage, and warehousing. Moreover, packaging helps to provide the information regarding the product’s ingredients. One of the significant industries where packaging plays a significant role is Pharmaceutical Industry. It is one of the major sectors where the manufacturers not only emphasize on maintaining the quality of the products but also put a lot of time, money and resources on the packaging of the product to deliver the products safely to the consumers.

Role of Packaging in Pharmaceutical Industries

  • It protects the products from various environmental factors such as air, heat, dust, pollution and much
  • Help to identify the medicine.
  • Helps to provide an accurate dose to the patients.
  • Ensure the safety of the medicines especially at the time of transportation & storage, etc.

Types of Packaging products Used in Pharmaceutical Industries


Some of the commonly used modes of packaging in pharmaceutical industries include aerosol packs, PET bottles, blister packs, tubes, sachets, kegs and so forth. The strength of the packaging materials that are used in pharmaceutical industries can be measured by test testing the properties of the packaging products.

PET Bottles – Best Source of Packaging

One of the widely used packaging materials in pharmaceutical industries is PET bottles for the packaging of liquids, syrups, tonics, liquid glucose, etc. With an extensive usage of PET bottles in Pharma Industry, it is necessary to ensure the quality of the PET bottles before using it for the refilling of PET bottles. One of the major properties of PET bottles that explain the quality of the bottle is Uniform Wall Thickness.

How can wall thickness of bottles be determined?

To measure the wall thickness of the PET bottles, numerous thickness measurement devices are available in the market. One of the highly effective and easiest ways to measure the wall thickness of PET bottles is Magnamike 8600 – Wall Thickness Measurement gauge.

About Magnamike


Magnamike 8600 is a highly compact and accurate testing device which is used to measure the thickness of the wall of all bottles. The device works on Hall’s effect methodology. The device utilizes highly effective magnetic field to assess both sides of the material surface. The wall thickness measurement test can be performed various types of materials such as HDPE, LDPE, plastics, glass, etc. The device comprises a magnetic probe, steel ball for measuring the thickness of material surface.

Salient features of Magnamike:

  • Fast operating system
  • User-friendly features
  • Ensures Accuracy with high rate of repeatability
  • Ideal for Measuring material thickness irrespective of curves and corners
  • Dust Resistant and Water resistant

Application of Wall Thickness Gauge

  • PET & Preform Industry – For thickness measurement of PET Bottles

Magnamike – Wall thickness gauge is used in PET industries, to test the wall thickness of Pet bottles. To perform the test , a target ball or steel ball is kept inside the container whereas the magnetic proves place outside the sample correspondent to the target ball on the outer surface to attract the target mall. The sensor inside the probe detects the difference between the ball and probe and displays the thickness on the digital display. To measure the thickness from all the angles, curves and edges of the bottles, the wall and probe are rotated throughout the container, and if any variation in the results is found on display, it means there is thickness defect in the sample.

  • Aerospace and Other Applications

Magnamike is also used for many crucial applications such as aerospace to measure the wall thickness of the aerospace components and parts that are made up of ferrous materials. To ensure the thickness of aerospace parts, target ball is placed on one side of the aerospace parts and using the probe, the thickness of the material is measured. This process is also commenced using the wire target and magnetic ball.

Apart from these applications, Magnamike 8600 is used in numerous applications to measure the thickness of the materials.

Working Methodology of Magnamike

Magnamike offers the non-destructive means to measure the thickness and uniformity of the walls of the products to ensure the product quality. The non-destructive means helps the manufacturers to perform the test on the sample without destroying or without cutting the sample and to perform multiple numbers of tests on the single sample.

Non- destructive testing strategies works on the principle of Hall’s Effect and widely used in blow molding industries to measure the thickness of PET bottles, Preforms, containers, plastic bottles and similar kind of products. Apart from this, the Hall effect measuring devices also used to ascertain the thickness properties of various non-magnetic devices as well for example aluminum containers, plastic tubes, glass wares used in labs, molded plastics and many more.

Magnamike 8600 is a widely used and portable wall thickness gauge which works on simple magnetic methods to perform repeatable measurement on a single product. The testing device is easy to operate. Performing the measurements with Magnamike 8600 is possible with the magnetic probe which is provided with the device that accurately scans the thickness of the sample from both the sides of the wall.