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Best Way To Measure The Thickness Of Bottles With Thickness Gauges

Quality control is an important process that must be followed by every manufacturer during the process of production. Quality control of PET and Preform bottles plays important role in terms of its standard.  This process helps  to measure various standard dimensions of bottles like Shoulder height, bottleneck and wall thickness. The quality of the bottle is characterized mainly by its weight and the manner in which the weight of  the bottle is maintained. In other words, the proper distribution of weight throughout the bottle is important to maintain to ensure the uniform thickness distribution. This ensures durability and permeability of the bottles.When a bottle is blown from its initial stage called preform, it goes through various types of tests to measure the quality of basic dimensions of the products. After measuring the basic dimensions, they are provided under heavy load to check the maximum load capacity that the Pet bottle can bear without complete rupture. This test indicates that the portion of the bottle with less thickness get crushed first rather than the entire bottle which is kept under load. Apart from this, many problems are also faced at the time of sealing line and filling line. In filling line the bottle is filled with air pressure and this creates a partial expansion. It means that if there is non-uniformity in the wall thickness of the bottle, it will expand less from the thickest portion of the bottle and vice versa.

Magna-Mike® 8600 is also a portable thickness measurement instrument which works on simple magnetic method to make repeatable measurements on the materials. Magna-Mike® Wall Thickness Gauge is the best instrument used in Pet & Preform industry that ensures the uniform thickness of Pet bottles. Presto Stantest offers a wide range of Pet & Preform Testing Instruments.

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