Add Value to Packaging with Box Strength Testing Machine

Add Value to Packaging with Box Strength Testing Machine

Box Strength Testing Machine

For packaging industries which uses corrugated boxes as their main supplies, box compression strength is a major challenge faced by the quality assurance. Making their product strong enough to withstand transit condition and the vertical load applied at the time of storage can be easier if a manufacturer evaluates the compression value in advance by using a proficient box strength testing machine.

Importance of compressive value in corrugated boxes


A quality packaging received creates a goodwill in the memories of our customer. Hence, it is highly demanded in this competitive market. On the other hand, poor packaging could demolish your brand reputation and reduce preferences from consumer’s perspective. Hence, it is the challenge for the packaging industries to make good quality packaging that is up to the customer’s satisfaction. To achieve the defined scale, it is important to know the quality of primary raw material used for the packaging. For corrugated box, there is always a risk buckling during heavy loading. Moreover, the products inside boxes could be damaged due to the compression, and that is the main issue need to be considered by every packaging industry.

Evaluation of load resistance

Worldwide trusted standards related to packaging industry have determined the correct box compression strength value for the corrugated boxes by using universal standard test method i.e. Box Compression Test. This test can be conducted accurately with the help of a high-quality Box Compression Tester.

The testing machine is used to calculate the peak force at which the box will be compressed and ruptures completely. The instrument strictly complies with national and international standards like ASTM, ISO, BIS, TAPPI etc. The instrument is utilized to conduct testing of mono cartons, corrugated boxes, fiber boards, etc.


Few key features of the machine:

  • Microprocessor based display for observing real-time testing data
  • Can achieve highly precise test results under uniform compression force
  • TARE and Peak hold facility available with the instrument
  • Over-travel protection is offered as an additional benefit
  • Strong base plate with rugged structure to ensure zero error testing
  • Bright LED display with feather touch controls for an advanced technological experience
  • The machine is available in the computerized model for live data retrieving on the system.
  • Comes with various platform sizes and load cell capacity.

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