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A New Way To Measure The Thickness Of The Bottles

Various types of coatings are done on different materials in a variety of industries. 

The coatings on any substrate provide better protection to the products from different external pressures like moisture, corrosion, pollution and other related factors. Moreover, coating is used to enhance the aesthetic look of the product. Additionally, coatings are also used for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the products. There are several different types of coating such as rubber coating,  paint, electroplating, chrome plating, etc.

hence, it is mandatory to test the quality of the coatings applied to a substrate. The quality of the coatings depends on many different factors, and one of the major factors affecting the quality of the coatings is the thickness of the coatings. It is important to measure the coating thickness with high accuracy so that it could be ensured that there is a uniform distribution of coating on the entire surface.

Presto offers a wide assortment of coating thickness gauges that are used for measurement of coating thickness with high precision. There are three different gauges offered by Presto namely MikroTest® Magnetic Coating Thickness Measurement, MiniTest 70 Pocket Sized Coating Thickness Gauge and Mini Test 650 – Durability and High Precision. The instruments are highly precise, compact and easily portable. The instruments can be used for measuring the thickness of ferrous coating applied on non-ferrous substrates as well as non-ferrous coating on ferrous substrates. With Presto’s coating thickness gauges, it becomes very easy to test the quality of coatings applied to any type of substrates.

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