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Cobb Sizing Tester in Bangladesh


The packaging materials have to face moist conditions many times when they are being transported or during storage. The moisture can damage the quality of the packaging and hence is dangerous for the safety of the products as well. The manufacturers of the packaging materials need to ensure that the packaging provided to the products is capable of resisting the penetration of the moisture or water to protect the products. For this, the manufacturers need to test the water absorbency of the packaging materials they deliver to the clients. The Cobb Sizing Tester in Bangladesh offered by Presto is easy to use and evinced testing instrument that is used widely by the manufacturers of packaging materials to analyze the resistance provided by various materials to the penetration of water to them.

The appliance is very easy to operate and is designed to give very precise test analysis to the users.

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Presto is a leading supplier of Cobb Sizing Tester for Bangladesh that is best for testing the water absorbency of the materials used in packaging industries such as paper, cardboard, corrugated sheets, etc. The instrument is provided with a sample placement fixture which offers auto hold and release of the test specimen. The sample placement procedure of the device is very fast. The device is also provided with a hand roller that helps in taking the excess of water out of the specimen.

The device is manufactured strictly according to the guidelines set in different quality testing standards and is provided with a user manual as well as a conformance certificate.

    • Best quality materials such as stainless steel and mild steel are used for manufacturing of the instrument.
    • The sample placing area of the machine is made from high-quality stainless steel.
    • The diameter of the sample placing fixture is 14 cm.
    • The cork sheet provided with the machine has a diameter of 14 cm.
    • The depth of the sample placement fixture of 11.5 cm.
    • The fixture is marked for depth at two points with depths 10 mm and 25 mm for water level indication.
    • The instruments are provided with a hand roller that ahs a weight of 10 kg and is used for pressing the test specimen after test cycle.

    • The instrument can be handled with a single handed operation.
    • It is the best option to check the water absorbency of the materials like paper, cardboards, fiber sheets,
    • The instrument is fitted with an automatic hold and release mechanism that helps in conducting the test easily.
    • The sample placement on the machine is very fast.

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