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Bottle Burst Tester in Bangladesh

PBBT - 0100

PET bottle are mainly used in industries for packaging of products such as soft drinks, chemicals, food items, etc. these products exert a significant amount of pressure on the PET bottles and if the bottles are not strong enough to bear the pressure; they can easily burst and cause damage to the products. Due to this reason, the manufacturers of PET bottles need to ensure that the PET bottles they provide to their clients are of best quality and strength. This can be ensured only with the help of proper quality testing of the bottle. The Bottle Burst Tester in Bangladesh is an accurate testing instrument offered by Presto, which is widely used by PET manufacturers to analyze the strength of the PET bottles. The device is very efficient in calculating the maximum amount of force that a bottle can bear prior to failure.

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Presto is a trusted and reliable manufacturer and exporter of Bottle Burst Tester for Bangladesh that is used for quality testing of the PET bottle in the industries. The instrument utilizes pressurized air instead of liquids to test the bottles for more accuracy of test results. The device is provided features such as automatic alarm, steel cage, auto pressure hold feature, etc. for efficient working of the instrument. All the guidelines set in different quality standards have been followed while designing and manufacturing of the instrument. The device is available to the clients complete with a calibration certificate and an instruction user manual.

    • The power supply used for operating the device is 220 volts 50 Hz single phase AC.
    • An advanced hydraulic pressure control system is utilized to govern the pressure buildup in the test sample.
    • The device is compiled with an auto pressure hold feature which maintains a constant pressure inside the sample during the test.
    • A secure steel cage is provided around the area of placement of the specimen for extra safety of the users.

    • A standard air connection with a capacity of 7 bars is enough to operate the machine.
    • The test cycle of the machine is very fast.
    • The users can easily analyze the pass/fail criteria with the help of the digital display provided with the device.
    • A unique feature of in-house calibration is available with the instrument.
    • The equipment is designed to auto hold the sample during the test.
    • An automatic alarm is given to the device that triggers when test cycle is completed.




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