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Bottle Burst Tester in Bahrain

PBBT - 0100

The soft drinks, food items, liquid, beverages, chemicals, etc. exerts a significant amount of pressure on the PET bottles. The inferior quality of the bottles that are unable to bear the pressure can easily burst and could cause considerable damage to the products or contaminate the food items. The manufacturers and suppliers must ensure the high quality of the PET bottles before supplying to the end users or customers for better quality and strength. The Bottle Burst Tester for Bahrain is a precise testing instrument for the PET manufacturers designed and manufactured by Presto to measure the strength of the PET bottles. The maximum amount of force that a bottle can bear prior to failure is calculated efficiently with the help of this tool.

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Presto is a name of trust and reliability, manufacturing the Bottle Burst Tester for Bahrain for quality testing of the bottles. The testing procedure is precise provides the accurate result by using the pressurized air instead of liquids to test the bottles. The instrument operates efficiently as it includes the automatic alarm, steel cage, auto pressure hold feature, etc. The machine is designed and manufactured following all the guidelines set in different quality standards. The tester is supplied with a calibration certificate and an instruction user manual that helps the end users to read all the necessary instructions.

    • The required power supply is 220 volts 50 Hz single phase AC.
    • The pressure buildup in the test sample is controlled through an advanced hydraulic pressure control system.
    • An auto pressure hold feature maintains a constant pressure inside the sample during the test procedure.
    • A secure steel cage around the area of placement of the specimen provides additional safety for the end users.

    • The machine can be properly operated with a standard air connection with a capacity of 7 bars.
    • Quick test cycle of the machine.
    • The digital display enables quick analysis of the pass/fail criteria.
    • A unique feature of in-house
    • The auto hold sample feature is present.
    • Automatic alarm triggers once test cycle is ended.




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