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Laboratory Hot Air Oven in Bahrain

PS0 -451

Presto supplies the Laboratory Hot Air Oven for Bahrain for testing the quality of the materials and products under extreme working conditions. The instrument provides the accurate analysis of the effect of high temperatures on the quality and physical properties of the products. The device helps the manufacturers to ensure the robust performance of their products under extreme industrial conditions and assure their best quality. The machine complies all the norms of quality testing standards and is also used in the international markets.

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Presto is a trusted name and brand of the Laboratory Hot Air Oven for Bahrain used for the quality testing analysis of the various materials. The instrument helps in testing the effects of high temperatures on the quality of products. The instruments have an RTD Pt-100 heat sensor that senses and monitors the test procedures. The PID controller sets the test temperature with high accuracy, and the digital preset timer sets the test timing precisely.

The application is in conformance with all the required standards and is provided with a user manual.

    • The instrument can achieve a wide range of temperature ranging from ambient to 2500
    • The temperature resolution is 10
    • The PID temperature controller in chamber provides effective control and programming of test temperature.
    • The RTD PT-100 sensor senses the temperature inside the chamber for efficient control of the testing.
    • A digital preset timer is available for accurate presetting of test timing.
    • The inner size is 18 X 18 X 18 inches. The other sizes are available on request.
    • The instrument works on a regulated power supply of single-phase AC of rating 220 volts and 50 Hz.

    • The double-walled structure of the inner test chamber has glass wool insulation for reducing the heat loss.
    • The operation of PID controller is based on microcontrollers.
    • A blower enables the uniform heat distribution throughout the chamber.
    • The stainless steel trays with adjustable heights are used for sample placement.

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