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Bursting Strength Tester in Bahrain

PBS -203

The manufacturers and suppliers of the packaging industries are responsible for providing the products to the end users in a proper manner without causing any damage to the packing material. The bursting strength is an exact amount of force that is required for the failure of the material when subjected to a bursting force. Presto offers the Bursting Strength Tester for Bahrain to assess the bursting strength of the packaging material with high accuracy and helps the manufacturers to supply the products in safe packaging. The instrument complies with all the required quality standards and specifications issued by various standardization agencies.

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Presto’s Bursting Strength Tester for Bahrain is commonly used in the packaging industries for quality testing of the packaging materials. The manual clamping mechanism allows the firm holding of the test specimen firmly. The other features such as digital peak load indicator, automatic buzzer, program lock, etc. ensure easy and accurate operation of the machine.

The machine is designed following all the test standards and is supplied with a calibration certificate as well as a user guide.

    • The machine exerts wide pressure range between 0 kg/cm2 –  40 kg/cm2.
    • The LED digital display provides an exact
    • The least count is 0.1 kg/cm2.
    • The device is fitted with an upper clamp of 5 mm and lower clamp of 10 mm diameter.
    • The high-quality lab grade glycerin moves at 95 cc per min.
    • A ¼ hp motor is used in the instrument.
    • The worm reduction type gearbox provides efficient working.
    • The power consumption is ½ kilowatts.

    • The digital peak load indicator provides accurate analysis.
    • The instrument has a manual clamping fixture.
    • The Peak load indicator can store 9 values from the previous
    • Easy and secure

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