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Presto’s Din Abrasion Tester helps to determine the abrasion resistance of natural or synthetic rubbers, thermoplastic amorphous polymers and vulcanized thermo-set rubbers that are focused to frictional wear in their definite service like conveyor drive belts, tyres and shoe soles. During the test procedure, the quantity of rubber reduced due to abrasion is measured. The ratio of the loss of standard rubber measures against the loss of test rubber and expressed in terms of percentage to provide abrasion resistance index of the sample put under test. The testing instrument is equipped with a metallic base plate and polished with Autumn Gray and Blue colored combination painting along with intense zinc plating to provide it a corrosion resistant finish.

In din abrasion testing method, to analyze the abrasion resistance of synthetic rubber, the test specimen is grazed against an abrasive platform mounted on a cylindrical drum in such a manner that so that the testing takes place on one of the flat end points of the sample, which is held against the abrasive surface under a determined weight. In this process, the test sample does not move on the same surface of abrasive paper, but progressively a new side of the paper appears in rotation of the drum.

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The test specimen is prepared by directly cutting a sheet of rubber plate using a circular cutting tool. The sample is inserted in such a manner so that 2mm of material remains exposed. The exposure is adjusted with the help of an adjusting gauge tool.

The abrasion space is selected by adjusting the screws. The constant pressure on the specimen is set by using various weights. If the test requires that the sample rotate on its own axis, the user can activate the operation easily. The abrasive sheet is attached with three strips of double sided adhesive around the circumference of rotating drum in order to comply with the standard.

After placing the material, the process is initiated by pressing the start button and test procedure started automatically. The test sample now is measured after and before the test to an exactness of 1mg and comparison is done with other rubber comparison samples.

    • The pressure on the sample is exerted using various loading weights of 5N, 10N.
    • The testing instrument is equipped with a Roll with the dimension of Diameter 150 x Length 460mm.
    •  The roll rotates with the speed of 40 rotations per minute.
    • Holder Moving distance: 4.2 mm each rotation
    • The laboratory instrument requires a power supply of Single Phase, 220 V AC and 5 Amp.
    • The Dimension of the machine is 95cm x 36cm x 46 cm.
    • 84 Counts – 40 meters
    • Approximate weight of the machine is 75kg and after packaging, gross weight is 85 kg.

     Related Standard:-

    IS 3400 (part 3)-2012

    • The DIN Abrasion tester is a user friendly instrument that can be operated by anyone.
    • The machine is equipped with an automatic electric lock for the rotating cylinder.
    • It offers mechanical unlocking of the cylinder to replace the abrasive easily.
    • The laboratory testing equipment has adjustable switches and foot rest.

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  1. Karan Singh
    24 Dec, 2015

    Good to know the precise result of abrasion resistance of natural rubber. It helped a lot to use and identify the right quality of the rubbers. The measurement of the abrasion is simple and the best thing I am getting the accurate measurement of rubber reduction. I appreciated the tool.

  2. Ajay Verma
    29 Jan, 2016

    I think ordering a Din Abrasion tester was the good decision of our firm. It is really working for us and determining the abrasion resistance is not a big trouble for us. Life is easy with din abrasion tester.

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