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Filling Line Instruments
Wall Thickness Gauge-(Megna-Mike)
It is an easy to use thickness gauge that utilizes a magnetic method to make rapid, precise and repe.....
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Injection Molding Instruments
Preform Thickness Gauge Digital
The Presto Preform Thickness Tester is manually operated .It has an adjustable positioning gauge whi.....
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Packaging Instruments
Box Compression Tester
Cardboard boxes should possess sufficient compression strength so that they don not get deformed or .....
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PET Preform Instruments
Polariscope Computerised
The Presto Polariscope/Strain Viewer is an economical instrument to check Defects in PET Preforms ......
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Stretch Blown Instruments
Bottle Burst Tester
The Presto Bottle Pressure Burst Tester is a very useful equipment for CSD lines bottles, cans and p.....
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Pet Bottle Instruments
Moisture Analyzer
The Moisture Analyzer incorporates state-of-the-art halogen heating with accurate weighing technolog.....
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Microbiology Instruments
Auto Clave
Inner chamer made of Stainless Steel (304 Grade); Outer Body Made of thick Stainless Steel; safety d.....
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Welcome to Testing Instruments

Presto is a renowned name in the Testing Instruments field .It is ISO 9001 : 2008 certified with over 30 years experience .Latest technologies , softwares & systems are employed by the company to give unparallel quality & reliability.

Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd. is Asia’s premier testing and quality control manufacturer with pan Asia presence. Since it’s inception in 1983 it has been excelling in it’s area of work and has produced some of the best and user friendly testing instruments available in the world. The last 30 years of service to the industry has helped it create a portfolio of over 5000 satisfied customer world over ranging from the Auto industry to the textile, polymer, packaging and plating/coating industry.

It’s range of destructive testing instruments are certified by the reputed TUV Rheinland certifying body covering it’s design section to it’s production and quality control departments.

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