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Humidity Tester Chamber in United Arab Emirates

PCC -800

Presto’s Humidity Tester Chamber in United Arab Emirates that is used by a variety of industries to test the quality of different materials raised the level of humidity and temperature. The easy operating procedure of the machine makes it more efficient and appropriate for use in industries. The instrument is ideal for use in conformance with international quality testing standards which make it applicable in different international industries.

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Presto is leading exporter and supplier of Humidity Tester Chamber for United Arab Emirates, which is extensively used in most of the industries for the purpose of quality testing. The operating procedure of the machine is made simple with the help of digital control panel. The instrument is fabricated using high-quality materials that help in the sturdy and stable performance of the machine.

The humidity chamber is provided with user manual and conformance certificate to the clients.

    • To record the total number of working hours of the instrument, there is a time totalizer supplied with the machine.
    • The cooling compressor is provided for faster humidity equilibrium.
    • For easy and precise operating procedure, there is a digital control panel provided.
    • Tray for placement of the specimen is provided that are made from high-grade stainless steel.
    • Digital preset timer is best for setting the timing of test procedure with good accuracy.
    • External body of the instrument is made from mild steel.
    • Inner chamber of the device is fabricated using stainless steel and is free from any sort of rust and corrosion.
    • The door of the chamber is also provided with a viewing glass which helps in visual monitoring of the specimen during the test.
    • The inner chamber of the equipment has the overall size of 60 x 63 x 106 cm.
    • The machine has an overall size of 75 x 111 x 180 cm.
    • A wide range of humidity varying from 65% to 95% can be easily achieved using this equipment.
    • The temperature range that can be reached with the equipment is 650 ±30.

    • There is a double wall structure provided in the machine which helps in the perfect insulation of the instrument.
    • Accurate programming of temperature and humidity is possible with the digital control panel supplied with the instrument.
    • The conditioning process of the device is very fast due to the accelerated achievement of equilibrium with
    • Related Standards
    • BS 950 Part 1 (D 65), ASTM D 1776 / D 1776 M – 15

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