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Peel Strength Tester in United Arab Emirates


The adhesive materials that are used in the packaging industries for packaging must be of best quality and strength as the safety of the products greatly depends on them. The manufacturers need to ensure this with the help of proper testing of the adhesive materials they provide to the clients. The Peel Strength Tester in United Arab Emirates is offered by Presto and is one of the best instruments to test the adhesive strength of various materials. The instrument gives the accurate analysis of the minimum amount of force that is required to peel off the test sample from a substrate on which the sample is applied. The machine is simple to operate and is in compliance with international standards hence the instrument can also be used in international markets too.

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The Peel Strength Tester for United Arab Emirates is an effective testing instrument provided by Presto and utilized in most of the packaging industries to test the adhesive strength of the materials used for packaging.  The instrument can be used for conducting test at an angle of 180 degrees. An additional fixture for 90 degrees is also available. The digital peak load indicator of the instrument is very efficient in a display of the test results. It can also store nine test values from the previous tests.

The instrument complies with the guidelines prescribed various quality standards and is provided with a calibration certificate as well as a user guide.

    • The maximum capacity of the device is a 20-kilogram force.
    • The speed of separation of jaws is 300 mm per minute.
    • The least count of the equipment is a 2-gram
    • The overall size of the machine is 61 cm X 51 cm X 124 cm.
    • The instrument is in strict adherence to ASTM D 429-14 quality standard.
    • The weight of the machine is 90 kilograms and after packaging the weight of the machine is 120 kilograms.
    • AC drive and thermal printers are available with the machine as optional accessories on client’s request.

    • The appliance is widely used for testing the impact of force applied at an angle of 180 degrees. A fixture for application force at 90 degrees is also available.
    • The instrument has a high accuracy of ±2%.
    • The device is also used for conducting seal strength and bond strength test.
    • The instrument has an in-house calibration feature.
    • The digital peak load indicator allows easy reading of the test findings.

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