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Dart Impact Tester in United Arab Emirates


The Dart Impact Tester in United Arab Emirates is a major testing instrument that is utilized in the packaging industries to test the ability of a plastic film to resist the failure when it is subjected to a force applied to it from a freely falling dart. The instrument helps the manufacturers in ensuring that the plastic films that they deliver to the clients are strong enough to bear various forces applied to them. The instrument has a very simple and easy operation and offers test results with high precision.

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The Dart Impact Tester Offered for United Arab Emirates by presto is a widely used testing instrument in packaging industries. The instrument is capable of finding the strength of plastic films against failure. The instrument is provided with two different sizes of darts and additional dead weights to perform two test methods as per the standards. The instrument is also equipped with an electromagnetic holder for the darts that is operated with a single push button operation.

The laboratory testing instrument adheres to all the required standards set by various standardization authorities and is available with a conformance certificate and a user instruction guide.

    • There is a two piece clamping device used in the machine with an inner diameter of 127 mm.
    • The maximum size of a test specimen that can be tested utilizing the instrument is 240 mm width.
    • The dart for testing is held and released using an electromagnetic mechanism.
    • The darts that are used for testing are available in two sizes that are 38 mm for test method A and 50 mm for test method B.
    • The maximum height of the darts from which they can fall as per the standards is 1524 mm.
    • The digital counter provided with the device is best for counting the number of falls made by the darts.
    • The testing instrument runs on a regulated power supply of 220 volts AC 50 Hz single phase.
    • The size of the machine is 50 cm X 35 cm X 215 cm.
    • The instrument has a net weight of 38 kilograms and a gross weight of 68 kilograms after packaging.
    • The device is also available with a vacuum pump as an optional accessory.

    • The dart holder is an electromagnetic mechanism with a high holding power.
    • The controlling of the releasing of the darts is performed with the help of a single push button operation.
    • The instrument is fabricated with a cumbersome and rigid metallic base plate.
    • The test can be carried out with different heights accurately.
    • The device is painted blue and gray for a carrion resistant finish.

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