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TP 110 – Precision Color Measurement Device for United Arab Emirates


The color of a product has significant effect on the quality assurance of the products. It is the colors that depict the quality of the constituents that are used in the manufacturing of a product. Additionally, the color quality also has a great impact on the decision of the customers to buy a product. This is why most of the manufacturer tries to incorporate the best quality of colors to the products. For best color quality management of the products, it is also essential to measure the color quality and consistency with best possible methods.  The TP 110 – Precision Color Measurement Device for United Arab Emirates is one such testing instrument that can be utilized for quality color management of the products in the industries. The device is capable of providing accurate testing results and can help in enhancing the color quality of your products to a great extent.

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Presto is a renowned supplier of highly quality TP 110 – Precision Color Measurement Device for United Arab Emirates that are widely used in different industries to test the color quality of materials and products. With dual locating and highly efficient photoelectric diode sensor array, the instrument is capable of providing very close analysis of color quality of the products. In addition to that, the device is also provided with an excellent storage capacity for storing a large number of samples as well as standards.

    • 8/d viewing and illuminating geometry are best for accurate testing.
    • The measuring aperture has a diameter of 4 mm.
    • The instrument has photoelectric diode sensors that are made from bets quality silicone.
    • The instrument is loaded with dual locating features that are illuminating and cross-locating Two separate end faces are provided with the instrument including a larger stable end face and the smaller concave-convex end face.
    • The color space calculated by the device is represented by the expression CIEL*a*b*C*h* CIEL*a*b*CIEXYZ.
    • The color difference calculation formula that is used in the device is given by △E*ab △L*a*b* △E*C*h*.
    • The instrument uses D 65 as the source of illumination.
    • The maximum amount of error that can be permitted in the device must be less than or equal to 80 ΔE*ab.
    • The storage capacity of the device can store up to 20000 samples and 10 standards in its memory.
    • The working languages of the instrument are Chinese and English.
    • The laboratory instrument has dimensions as follows: 205 mm × 67 mm × 80 mm.
    • The lamp of the devices has a long lamp life of 5 years.
    • The miniature thermal printer is available with the machine as an optional accessory on request by clients.

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