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Box Compression Tester in United Arab Emirates

PDBC - 600

The Box Compression Tester in United Arab Emirates is an efficient and effective testing instrument manufactured and exported by Presto and is used widely in the packaging industries.  The packaging boxes are subjected to extreme compressive loads when transported which can damage the box as well as the products inside them. The instrument is used for finding the compressive strength of the packaging materials such as corrugated boxes, cardboards boxes.  With the help of his equipment, the manufacturers can ensure that the quality of the boxes they provide to the clients is able to bear the various compressive loads exerted on them during transportation and storage. The instrument has an easy operation which provides accurate test results.

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Presto’s Box Compression Tester for United Arab Emirates is an important testing instrument that is provided to the packaging industries to test the compressive strength of different boxes used in the packaging industry. The device is assembled with a digital control panel that helps in easy control of the testing procedure. The digital display allows the user to read out the test results in a clear way. The machine is also available with varying sizes of platforms for accommodating different sizes of test samples.

The laboratory testing instrument is provided with a user manual and a calibration certificate to the users.

    • Various sizes of platforms are available for placement of test sample. The sizes available are 450 x 450 mm, 600 x 600 mm, and 1000 x 1000 mm.
    • The test is commenced using a compressive type force.
    • The power consumed by the equipment is 1 kilowatt.
    • The compression plates have a speed of 10 mm per minute ± 3 mm.
    • The rate of returning of compression plates to the home position is 50 mm per minute.
    • A power supply of rating 220 volts single phase AC is required for operation.
    • The size of the laboratory testing instrument is 155 cm x 115 cm x 200 cm.
    • The approximate weight of the equipment is 380 kg, and the gross weight of the device becomes 480 kg after packaging.

    • The machine is provided with an option to calculate the force in three units that are Lbf, N, kg.
    • The equipment has a digital display that helps in an easy readout of the number of a test conducted; the force applied and the deflection faced by the specimen.
    • The instrument has a lightweight design which enables it to perform the test at varying loads.

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