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Instruments as per Tensile Test

Instruments For Tensile Test
One of the basic tests that can be performed on most of the materials is tensile test. A test specimen is loaded on a machine between the two grips to create tension by applying opposite forces on the specimen to pull the ends of the sample apart. These tests are very simple to commence and complete and describes many characteristics of a material kept under test. Tensile test is also  considered as the opposite of compression test.

Main objective of tensile testing
Tensile test is done until the sample fails or rupture kept under tension. The results that are measured from these types of test are not limited to ultimate strength, tensile strength, modulus of elasticity, elongation, Poisson’s ratio and yield strength. The values determined from the test represent the characteristics of material when it is kept under tensile strength test.

Different types of Materials used to perform Tensile Test
Usually tensile test can be performed on any material, but the most popular materials on which the tensile test is performed are plastics, polymers, woods, textiles and metals. To perform the test, the specimen needs to first cut in the standard shape of dumbbell with the help of dumbbell cutting die to load the specimen appropriately on the test machine.

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