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Polariscope Strain Viewer in Tanzania

PPS - 400

The PET products are primarily used in the form of the jar, bottles, and containers for packaging of the food items, chemicals, household items, and many more. The quality of the Preforms used for the PET products blowing must be of good quality. The manufacturers have a responsibility to check the initial quality of preforms at an earlier stage of the blowing process. The flaws in the quality of the preform will affect the quality of the final PET products. The quality of the preforms is tested before blowing into bottles or jars. Presto offers the Polariscope Strain Viewer in Tanzania for accurate analysis of preform that is used for blowing process.

The quality defects in the preforms are detected with the help of two different light sources. The most common defects are an air bubble, short shot, flash marks, crystallization defects, photoelasticity, etc. The minor fault is detected at an earlier stage with the help of the instrument that saves time and money.

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Presto designs and manufactures the Polariscope Strain Viewer in Tanzania to analyze the quality of PET & Preforms.  The device is manufactured using high-quality materials for prolonged service life and correct testing procedures. The zinc and chrome plating provides a smooth and attractive finish in gray and blue color. The tool has white light and monochromatic light for obtaining a correctly polarized light to detect the flaws without any difficulty.

The Preform Defect Chart is required for comparing the defects in the specimen and is provided on request. The device is supplied with an instruction manual and a conformance certificate traceable to NABL approved laboratories.

    • The dimension of the machine is 445 X 280 mm with viewing field 260 X 260 mm.
    • The tool consumes the power of 220 volts AC.
    • The net weight of the machine is 20 kilograms.
    • A preform defect chart is provided on request.

    • The device is convenient to use and simple to understand.
    • The monochromatic and white lights are available for the effective testing procedure.
    • Three sides open viewing area for easy viewing and placement of specimen.

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