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TP 110 – Precision Color Measurement Device in Sri Lanka


TP 110 – Precision Color Measurement Device in Sri Lanka is a highly accurate and precise portable color measuring device manufactured by Testronix. Presto is an authorized dealer of TP 110 and supplies the same in various countries including Sri Lanka. The testing machine is widely used in diversified testing industries to evaluate the color vibrancy and consistency to ascertain the quality of the different products and materials. The color is a chief attribute that explains the quality of the product as it not only provides identity and appearance to the product but also define the proficiency of the ingredients that are used in the products. The testing apparatus helps to evaluate exact color of the sample and helps the manufacturers to ensure that only best quality of product is delivered to the customers.

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Presto Stantest is renowned supplier of TP 110 – Precision Color Measurement Device for Sri Lanka which is one of the best testing apparatus to test the color quality of the products and materials. It is assembled with the dual illumination system. Moreover, it is designed with a silicone photoelectric diode which enables high sensitivity. The testing machine has huge storage memory to store samples and standards and runs on a Li-ion battery which offers long working life of the battery and the instrument as well.

    • It provides 8/d viewing and illuminating geometry.
    • Measuring aperture has a diameter of 4mm
    • The sensor of the machine is designed using best quality silicone and fitted with a photoelectric diode.
    • It has dual locating feature namely cross locating and illuminating locating.
    • It has two distinct faces that are larger or smaller end face, concave or convex end face.
    • The color space can be calculated with the result of the device using following formula: CIEL*a*b*C*h* CIEL*a*b*CIEXYZ.
    • The color difference can be calculated using expression: △E*ab △L*a*b* △E*C*h*.
    • D65 light source is provided for illumination.
    • Permitted errors between the two test is less than or equal to 0.80 ΔE*ab.
    • The testing machine can store maximum 20000 sample results.
    • It supports two languages Chinese and English.
    • Dimension of the device is 205 mm × 67 mm × 80 mm.
    • Life of Lamp is five years.
    • An optional accessory, miniature thermal printer is delivered on customer’s demand.

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