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Edge Crush Tester in Saudi Arabia

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The Edge Crush Tester in Saudi Arabia is a nice testing instrument provided by Presto, which is majorly used in various packaging industries to test the edge crush strength of the packaging materials used in the industry. The edge crush resistance strength of any material is a primary indicator of the quality and strength of the materials. The instrument supplied by Presto is capable of providing the most accurate testing results and hence ensures the best quality of products delivered to the users. The instrument is also best for conducting other crush tests including ring and flat crush test. The machine complies with all the standards required by the international standardization agencies.

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Presto is an industry renowned manufacturer and supplier of Edge Crush Tester for Saudi Arabia. The machine is widely utilized in the packaging industries for analysis of Edge crush strength of the materials that are used in the industry. The machine comes with a digital peak load indicator that not only displays the test results clearly and correctly but also store a maximum of nine peak load values from the previous tests. The machine also comes with safety features such as overload protection, limit switches with protection from over travel and so forth.

The device is in strict adherence to all the required testing standards and is provided to the users with a calibration certificate and an instruction manual.

    • The machine is designed to provide maximum load application of 10 kilograms on the test specimen.
    • The least count that is shown by the machine is a 100-gram
    • The instrument comes with a high accuracy of ±1%.
    • The separation rate of the compression plates is 12.5 ± 2.5 mm per minute.
    • A regulated voltage of 220 Volts 50 Hz Ac is required to operate the equipment.
    • The exact size of the device is 60 cm X 50 cm X 125 cm.
    • The appliance is in compliance with international quality standards such as IS 7036-2.

    • There is a clear and accurate digital LED display that is best for easy reading of test results with good accuracy.
    • The appliance makes it possible to perform the electronic calculation of force applied to the test specimen with the help of an S-type Load cell.
    • The program lock feature available in the instrument helps in prevention of any unauthorized changes done to the settings of the peak load indicator.
    • The electromechanical loading mechanism allows easy loading of the test sample on the device.

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