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Color Matching Cabinet in Nigeria

Spectrum II -(USA)

The color of a product is a major aspect the impacts its quality and appearance. The colors used in a product represent its quality and the efficiency of the ingredients used in it. The colors also have a great impact on the decision of the buyers to buy a product. The manufacturers understand this fact and hence give a great emphasis on the best color quality of the products. A major quality defect related to color is metamerism that is very common in products. This is a phenomenon due to which the products have a different appearance when subjected to the different lighting condition. The solution to this is that the products are matched properly under different lighting conditions. The Color Matching Cabinet in Nigeria is the testing instrument offered Presto that is used by manufacturers to test the color consistency of the products under different lighting conditions. The apparatus is quite simple and easy to operate and is ideal to provide the best testing results.

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Presto is a global supplier of Color Matching Cabinet for Nigeria that is widely utilized in the different industries for the purpose of color matching under different lights. The instrument is equipped with efficient and bright lights that provide perfect illumination. The light sources that are installed in the machine are D 65, InCAA, TL 84, TFL, CWF, and Ultraviolet black light. The light sources offer perfect illumination with constant intensity for a longer time. The  time totalizer provided with the instrument that helps in determining the total number of hours of operation of the instrument.

    • Efficient and bright light sources are used in the instruments that are best for constant illumination effect for a long time.
    • The light sources are best to provide closer and faster matching of the color of the test specimen.
    • The instrument is fabricated with the material that helps in prevention of corrosion.
    • Electronic choke is used in the instrument that helps in instant illumination of the light sources.

    • The device offers easy and efficient working procedure.
    • The light sources of the machine can be easily operated with an individual switch which allows the user to test the specimen under individual lights as well in combination.
    • The instrument is designed in such as way that it can be used for testing different sizes of the test
    • It can be used for laboratory testing as well as production line testing.

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