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Hot Wire Bottle Cutter for Kenya


The Hot Wire Bottle Cutter for Kenya offered by Presto is an efficient and cost-effective method for cutting off the PET bottles with high accuracy. The instruments I utilized majorly in the PET industries for conduction of section weight analysis. For accurate section weight analysis of the PET bottles, it is essential to cut the bottles with high accuracy and without deformation. The instrument provided by Presto is effective in performing easy and precise cutting of bottles. It also complies with different quality standards required by various standardization authorities.

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Presto is highly recommended supplier and manufacturers of high-quality Hot Wire Bottle Cutter for Kenya that is extensively used by the PET bottle manufacturers for accurate cutting of bottles in three different sections for precise cutting of bottles.  The device is given with high-quality cutting wires for accurate cutting. In addition to that, the device also comes with a digital display and variable voltage potentiometer for easy and accurate control and monitoring of heating levels of the cutting wires.

The instrument is given completely to the clients along with a user manual and a compliance certificate.

    • The appliance is ideal for cutting the PET bottles in different sections for section weight analysis of the bottles. These sections are Top, Cylinder and Bottom.
    • The device is also compiled with a clear digital display which gives an accurate reading of the heating level of the cutting wires.
    • The device also comes with a set of two wires of Canthal element with high quality for the cutting of PET bottles. Clients can also demand more sets of wires for cutting.
    • The weight of the appliance is approximately 35 kg.
    • The size of the machine is depicted as 700 mm X 400 mm X 400 mm.
    • The device can be utilized for cutting the PET bottles with a maximum diameter of 138 mm.
    • The heat level of the canthal wires is effectively controlled with an efficient variable voltage potentiometer.

    • The device presents one of the most effective and efficient methods to cut the PET bottles into three distinct sections with high accuracy and that also without any deformation of the shape of the sections.
    • The cutting wires of Canthal element can be heated at three different levels for cutting different materials.
    • The digital display that comes with the machine shows the accurate level of heating of the wires for accurate analysis.

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