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Bottle Shaker / G V Shaker

PBS – 0119

Presto’s G.V. Shaker also known as Bottle shaker is a mechanical, motorized system used for automated shaking of samples for agitating the carbon dioxide in the test specimen. The test specimen is placed in the carbonations assembly and placed on the GV shakers.

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    • It is a table top size model having dimensions of 700mm x 400 mm
    • It offers manual control of the shaking speed.
    • The instrument has Digital Preset timer up to 999 Seconds (minutes option is also available on customer demand)
    • The machine has adequate platform accessories to clutch the bottles.
    • The machine is fabricated with robust stainless steel construction.
    • It offers an auto stop safety feature to prevent overheating.

2 Reviews of Bottle Shaker / G V Shaker

  1. Dheeraj Pandey
    18 Dec, 2015

    I have brought two devices from Presto i.e. Bottle Shaker and Carbonation Assembly. The Bottles shaker automatically shakes the sample to create carbon dioxide in the specimen. The device is easy to use. The instrument provides accurate test results.

  2. Anup
    30 Dec, 2015

    With the GV shaker by Presto, it has become very easy for me to test the effects of expanding gas volume on the PET bottles. The machine is very accurate and easy to use.

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