Working Principle of Bottle Load Testing Machine

Working Principle of Bottle Load Testing Machine

Top-load testing machine for bottles ensures high-quality production in PET bottles so that it can withstand the axial load which is defined as the force applied to the lengthwise centerline of an object. This type of force can be experienced by bottles during various stages. During production, bottles must be capable of taking the stress of filling and closure. While in storage and display majorly all bottles are stacked at some point, in both empty and filled form. And in transit mode, the extra strain is often experienced while moving or when the bottles are placed over each other.

Better performing product

PET bottles must be strong enough to maintain the integrity as per the demanded or industry standards when subjected to the different stress level. On failing to meet the requirements the product can lead to leakage, breakage or wastage, high product return rate, income loss, or suffer the environmental impact. A very common case of a stacked container is the PET bottle, which is preferred worldwide for beverages, cooking, cleaning and other liquids. It is constructed in such a way that its axial load strength gets affected by stress situation. Hence, the designs must be created to increase stack stability.

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Top-load testing is, therefore, playing an important role in the PET bottle manufacturing process, as it is a production line quality testing. Only a trusted and accurate testing can ensure the most effective design and raw material ratio.

How is it tested?

In a top-load test, a downwards compression is applied to evaluate the resistance to crushing of a bottle. The test method or standard opted will decide the compression speed and deformation extent. The peak force computed states the sample’s strength. An accurate and suitable top-load tester will be capable of calculating the initial and recovered height of the sample.

Presto bottle top-load testers provide a straightforward way to produce sophisticated test results that are reliable and repeatable. It is fully automatic & motorized testing instrument that develops axial compressive buckling load on the products to evaluate the load resistance of the PET containers. Behaviour recorded in tests can be displayed in highly visual graphs and provided to SPC systems for further analysis.

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