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Wood Testing Equipment For Refining The Wood Quality

Trees are a source of oxygen, clean air, shade, fruits, nuts, greenery, and wood products. No part of trees is wasted. The wood is the critical material used for papers, furniture and home furnishings. Wood is made of cellulose and natural glue for secure holding. The trees are used to make plywood and lumber. The wood is used for the industrial purpose as well as domestic use. The wood products experience several mechanical testing when used in constructions, manufacturing industries, and furniture. The strength of wood determines its acceptance for the intended application. The woods are need to be checked for the breaking strength, tension, compression, flexure, moisture, etc. Wood is the preferred choice for furniture; people love to keep wooden furniture at home and offices. Wood flooring is also a fashion trend in homes. The characteristics such as rough surface, scratches, dents, splintered edges, improper coatings, etc. are checked for furniture. The tensile testing machine, flammability tester, moisture meter, etc. are examples of the testing instruments used in quality testing of woods.

Recognize Actual Quality of Wood Material with Wood Testing Equipment

  • For the efficient use of wood base applications, the basic strength properties are critical. The tensile strength of woods, fiberboard, plywood, etc., is of growing importance. The properties of material including the complex The orientation and arrangement of fibers make wood a complex material. Various testing methods are developed to check the quality of timber; however testing tension is also important for engineering materials. The tensile tester is available to measure this property.
  • The properties of wood-based products are evaluated with the help of Muffle Furnace, which is elegantly designed tool to assess the ash percentage in wooden specimen to determine the vital information
  • The effect of high temperatures on wooden products must be measured at the time of manufacturing. The effect of elevated temperature, compression set, heat resistance, and hot deformations are measured with the help of Laboratory Hot Air Oven.
  • The color quality of wooden products is also critical. The latest furniture and other products are colorful. The time has gone when people prefer the wooden color of the products. Now various colors are applied to the wooden products to make it attractive and colorful. The quality of color is evaluated when the color remains consistent and appears same under different lighting conditions. The color matching cabinet is used for testing the color consistency issues.
  • The gloss of the furnished wooden furniture attracts the customers, the percentage of gloss is measured with the high-quality gloss meters.

The quality of the wooden material or any material is critical for making the end products long lasting and durable. Checking the minor and major properties with testing instruments help the manufacturer to create a quality environment and bring a smile on every customer’s face. A high-quality wood material ensures the strong wooden product like wooden handle, plywood, chairs, tables, floors, office furniture, cupboards, and many more.

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