What types of Materials are Commonly Tested Using a Burst Strength Tester?

What types of Materials are Commonly Tested Using a Burst Strength Tester?

Burst Strength Tester

Are you worried about testing the bursting strength of materials? If yes, then we at Presto come up with a solution for testing the burst strength of the materials. Our high-quality bursting strength tester for carton boxes has been designed as per industrial standards which makes it easy for manufacturers to conduct quality tests on the materials. It is quality testing equipment that has been designed to test the broad range of materials subjected to burst strength testing reflecting its significance in ensuring the integrity and reliability of diverse products, ultimately contributing to the enhancement of overall material quality in various industrial sectors.

In this blog, we will cover the different sets of materials that can accurately be tested using a bursting strength tester. So, let us get started!

Why Burst Strength Testing is Important?

Burst strength testing is carried out by applying hydraulic or pneumatic pressure on a small area of the material until it fails. The amount of pressure required to rupture the material determines its burst strength. This test simulates real-life scenarios where materials may be exposed to excessive force or pressure.

Materials such as paper, cardboard, textiles, plastic films, and corrugated boxes are commonly tested using this lab testing instrument. Presto burst genie 2.0 is one of the highly advanced testing equipment that provides accurate information about the bursting strength of the materials when forced will be applied on them. 

The bursting strength tester principle is very simple. It works when pressure is applied to the material then it will be tested for its strength. This highly accurate lab testing machine offers automatic calculation of bursting strength and helps manufacturers in ensuring accuracy in lab testing results for burst strength.

Evaluate the Bursting Strength of Packaging Materials for Optimal Packaging Quality

Presto's bursting strength tester adheres to international quality testing standards, including ASTM 3786, ISO 2758, ISO 3303, and ISO 3689.

Bursting strength is a valuable property for improving the quality and robustness of packaging materials, such as corrugated boards, paperboard sheets, and cardboard. By employing the bursting strength test, manufacturers can refine the strength of packaging materials through adjustments in manufacturing processes, ensuring that their packaging containers can withstand the demanding challenges of transportation.

Presto's Bursting Strength Tester stands out for its user-friendly design, making it easy to operate. With its straightforward operation, the instrument is engineered to deliver highly accurate test results.

Common Applications of Burst Strength Testing

Burst strength testing stands as a widely employed approach to assess the strength and endurance of a variety of materials, spanning from textiles to packaging. The process entails applying pressure to a material until it bursts or ruptures, measuring the force required for this failure. This testing method is instrumental in offering crucial insights into the structural robustness and performance of a material, serving as a vital element in quality control across numerous industries.

Let's delve into some prevalent applications of burst strength testing:

1. Textile Sector: Burst strength testing is widely used in the textile industry to assess the durability and tear resistance of fabrics such as cotton, polyester, and nylon. This test helps manufacturers determine if fabrics can withstand regular wear and tear or if they need reinforcement for specific uses like upholstery, protective gear, or outdoor clothing.

2. Paper and Packaging: In the paper manufacturing sector, burst strength testing is crucial for evaluating the quality and robustness of paper-based items like cardboard boxes, wrappers, and bags. This ensures that packaging materials can endure rough handling during transportation and storage without the risk of breaking or bursting open.

3. Plastic Sector: The plastic industry commonly employs burst strength testing to determine the maximum load capacity of plastic films, sheets, bottles, and containers. This assessment helps manufacturers understand whether their plastic products can withstand stress during use or if modifications are needed to improve overall durability.

This testing equipment proves versatile across various industries, providing a reliable means to measure the bursting strength of packaging materials. 

Uncover Packaging Defects with the Bursting Factor Testing Machine

Accurate measurement of material bursting strength is facilitated by utilizing a laboratory testing device known as the Bursting Factor Testing Machine. This test is executed to measure the force or pressure needed to completely rupture a material and compute its bursting factor, offering valuable insights into the material's strength. The instrument proves indispensable for evaluating the bursting strength of diverse materials, including papers, Rexene, textiles, leathers, and more, when exposed to hydraulic pressure during testing.

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