What is the principle of measuring bursting strength?

What is the principle of measuring bursting strength?

principle of measuring bursting strength

The bursting strength of materials is a critical parameter that needs to be measured in various industries. One such industry where this attribute holds utmost importance is the packaging and shipping sector. When it comes to transporting goods, ensuring their safety throughout the journey becomes imperative, especially when dealing with fragile or delicate items. Therefore, assessing the bursting strength of corrugated boxes used for packaging purposes becomes essential as it directly relates to the ability of these materials to withstand external forces and pressures during transportation.

Thus, we at Presto Testing Instruments made it easier for paper & packaging manufacturers to conduct burst strength tests on the materials with the help of Presto bursting strength tester.

With our continuous improvement in designing highly advanced lab testing instruments, we at Presto have designed burst genie 3.0This highly advanced newly launched lab testing equipment will be able to test the strength of your material under certain multi-directional forces.

In this blog, we will discuss brief information about bursting strength tester and how this quality testing equipment is useful in testing the bursting strength of materials effectively.

What is the bursting strength test?

The bursting strength test is one of the crucial quality tests that will be conducted on the material to test its ability against bursting when bursting forces will be applied to it. This test determines the maximum amount of pressure or force that a material can withstand before rupturing or bursting open. By subjecting samples to increasing amounts of hydraulic pressure, this assessment helps manufacturers gauge the durability and reliability of their products under extreme conditions.

You can easily check the quality of packaging boxes against bursting with the help of Presto Burst Genie 3.0.

Below we have listed the tips to get accurate testing results with the Presto bursting strength tester:

Tips to get accurate testing results with Presto bursting strength tester

By testing the strength of the corrugated boxes, manufacturers can make sure the boxes are strong enough to protect their products from damage and meet the expectations of their customers.

But there are certain factors that may affect the accuracy of the testing results. Below we have mentioned them:

  • Whenever you conduct the test, you should always place the sample properly. This will provide highly accurate lab testing results.

  • It is important for manufacturers to test the glycerin leakage to avoid inaccuracy of testing results.

  • Make sure there should not be any obstructions present in the testing area while conducting a bursting strength test on the materials.

These are some useful tips you should follow to get highly accurate lab testing results while conducting bursting strength tests.

Now, let us discuss the features and technical specifications of Presto Burst Genie 3.0.

Features of Presto Burst Genie 3.0

Presto bursting strength tester is one of the high-quality laboratory testing equipment that is used to test the bursting strength of paper/paperboard. It’s packed with features that make everyday life easier and more productive.

Below we have listed the top features of this quality testing equipment.

  • Microprocessor-based high-speed controller for accurate test results

  • Highly accurate results

  • The equipment is programmed with individual test templates for measurement with three ranges

  • The equipment is designed to provide easy access by automatically calculating the Bursting Factor

  • Can test with maximum, minimum, and average results for ten samples.

  • When a test is complete, the dynamic fixtures automatically move to the home location.

  • Fastest Human Machine Interface (HMI) powered by Cortex-A8 high-speed processor

  • HMI can also be connected to your computer for access.

  • USB option available (Pen drive is not a part of supply)

  • 3-point Testing Rang (Low / Medium / High) feature selection

  • Current test running status display

  • Pneumatically operated Sample Clamp

  • Can generate and download the soft copy of the report in a go in pdf format

  • CSV format and you can add as much customised the information

  • Equipment is added with security layers to allow access only to registered user

  • Use USB interface and PC communication, synchronous test function can connect to the computer.

Technical specifications of Presto Burst Genie 3.0

  • Capacity: 40 kg/cm²

  • Display: Latest Color TFT Touch Screen

  • Accuracy: ± 1% within 10% to 90% of the entire range as per IS: 1828 with the master gauge

  • Least Count/Resolution: 0.1Kg/cm2

  • Power: 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz

  • Test fluid: Glycerin about 98% purified (lab grade)

  • Rate of fluid displacement: 95 cc/minute

  • Motor: 1/4 HP Single Phase, 1440 rpm

  • Test Range: 0.5Kg / cm2 to 38 Kg / cm2

  • Memory(to hold test value): Up to 9 test values

  • Peak Hold Facility: Yes

  • Safety Switch: Yes

  • Material: Mild Steel

  • Finish: Powder-coated Havel Gray & Blue combination finish and bright chrome/zinc plating for a corrosion-resistant finish

  • The report can generate: Yes (Sample Results and Bar Graph)

  • Thermal Printer: Yes

With these high-end features and technical specifications, manufacturers can easily conduct bursting strength tests on the materials and ensure that quality products will be delivered to the customers. Now, let us discuss the working principle of the Presto bursting strength tester.

Working principle of Presto bursting strength tester

The Presto bursting strength tester operates on a revolutionary working principle that ensures accurate and reliable results. It features an advanced hydraulic system for precise measurement. When conducting a test, the sample material is clamped firmly between two circular plates within the instrument. As the pressure gradually increases through hydraulic force, the material ruptures or bursts open.

By measuring the maximum amount of pressure required to burst the specimen, Presto's bursting strength tester determines its robustness and durability under applied bursting force.

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