What is Dart Impact Tester? Its Applications & Working Module!

What is Dart Impact Tester? Its Applications & Working Module!

A Dart Impact tester or Dart Drop Tester is a lab testing instrument that is used to measure the Impact Resistance of Plastic film, Coated paper, and Composite sheets. The dart weight expresses the energy required to tear or puncture the test specimen. This method is also known as Free Falling Dart Impact test.

Here, Presto Stantest presents Drop Dart Impact Tester with quality assurance. This testing instrument by Presto helps to determine the energy that causes impact from a free-falling dart on thin materials such as plastic film, paper, etc. To know the competitive Dart Impact Tester price in India, contact us at 9210 903 903 or you can mail us your query at info@prestogroup.com.

How does it work?

In this test procedure, a sample clamp is used for an easy grip and security of the specimen. It helps in ease of operation. In addition, the Dart Impact Tester provides a dual clamping sequence for better performance. In the first phase, low pressure is utilized to safely clamp the sample. In the next phase, the automatic dart release completes the test process.

Advanced Technical Features in Dart Impact Tester by Presto

The company possesses decades of working experience in testing instruments manufacturing. Hence, it is well aware of the requirements in various testing machines. Therefore, to meet the need for the dart Impact test, the company came up with advanced technical features that are as follows.

  • Meets Global Standards of ASTM 01709 for Dart Impact Testing of Plastic Film

  • Easy to use, Manual assisted Operating system

  • Portable and expandable clamps

  • Customized items and weights are available as per the requirement of the customer.

  • Affordable and economically priced.

Ensure the best quality test with Presto’s Dart Impact Tester. For any assistance or query.