Using Hot Air Oven to Sterilise Pharmaceutical Products

Using Hot Air Oven to Sterilise Pharmaceutical Products

The pharmaceutical and medical industry supports the innovation mainly through researches in the lab. It is vital for every lab that they are equipped with the latest technology machines. These machines are designed as per international standards which must be trusted all over the world. Laboratory Hot Air Oven is one such instrument that is used in testing labs.

Laboratory ovens are used in a variety of ranges of applications in various industries like pharmaceuticals, materials manufacturing and biotech. These industries are based upon the process of baking, annealing, curing and drying materials of varying physical and chemical compositions. Standard applications of most of the laboratory ovens require heating and drying glassware or autoclaving of lab supplies for the purpose of sterilization. These ovens are used to conduct material testing to identify tensile strength, resiliency, and deformation of various manufactured products.

Lab ovens are specially used in forensic, biological and environmental labs. The testing labs need pure chemicals and materials to create somethingOne of the best methods of sterilization for objects or even dishes and tubes that are used in drugs making is the heating sterilisation. The method uses dry heat sterilisation which is applied to the substances so that it can be sterilised properly. About 80% of the pathogenic microorganisms are skilled in this method.


Hot Air Oven is the chamber which delivers the dry heat sterilization in testing labs of the pharma industry. It works on the principle of forced air circulation, thermal convection principle that performs several tests such as compression set, heat deformation, heat resistance which is needed in plastic and rubber industries. The chamber comes with a fan that circulates air to maintain heat effectively. The device is available having exterior gave in autumn gray and blue combination finish and chrome/zinc plating ensure resistance to corrosion. It is available in the latest model which is HMI based touchscreen to set parameters.

Working principle of Hot Air Oven are:

  • It is used to kill the bacteria from the products while performing the process of sterilisation.
  • The device operates to sterilise the products that are manufactured in various industries that use dry heat to keep safe.
  • The device is used in pharmaceutical applications that prove safe for baby products.
  • The inner side of the chambers of the device is equipped to generate pressure to provide good air circulation.
  • Besides the process of sterilisation, it is used in the drying, heating and baking processes of various products.